Bewitched, Bothered and Beholden

If you ask me Ella Fitzgerald is the bees knees.  She sings about being Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered by love so today I thought I ‘d throw out a few B-word definitions for brides in honor of Lady Ella and the fabulous new wedding line by Anthropologie that was unveiled on Valentine’s Day!  If you haven’t seen the bhldn site {pronounced beholden} you simply must check it out dahhhrrling.

Five B-Words for Brides

Bewitch {To affect by witchcraft or magic; cast a spell}

Bothered {Annoyed; pestered; worried}

Bewildered {Completely confused, puzzled or perplexed}

Bespoke {Made to individual order; (older usage) engaged to be married; spoken for}

Beholden {Anthropologie’s new wedding collection which you can explore at}  Check it out and find something fabulous and vintage-inspired to add to your wedding attire.

Here are a few of my favorite looks…just in case you have clicked through to their shop yet!

This first look is my faaavorite.  I just love it.  The shoes, the headpiece, I want it all.

This next dress is super adorable and affordable.  I love the dress and adore those golden yellow shoes, but I’d like to see the headpiece I selected below instead of the bow on the model.  You could even add a bolero and the whole look for under $1,300.

Yes, they have boleros.  End of sentence.  I want to wear one every day as I sit at my desk or design in my studio.  I uber love the pewter-grey attendant’s dress and think the blue bolero would be fabulous with it!…it would also be a great something new and something blue, too!  Plus, having your shoulders covered during the ceremony is classy…just sayin’.

Have you been to the yet??  Go, look, shop, enjoy!  You lucky bride you.

What’s your favorite look?

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