With Liberty And Marriage For All

Vermont has many fantastic locations to host your wedding and I’ve posted about why choosing to marry in Vermont is oh-so-smart, but I spoke to a bride recently who chose VT in part because they wanted to marry in a state with marriage equality.

Yup, a straight couple chose VT because you can get married here no matter who you love.  Talk about a values based decision.  I think it’s beautiful.  Simply beautiful.

It’s pretty obvious by now that I think Vermont is an awesome state in which to marry, but this takes the wedding cake.  Marriage equality doesn’t only matter to same-sex couples…it matters to many, many more of us.

So to sum up, Vermont is awesome and so are the couples who get married here.

The bride I spoke with loves pink so a pink bouquet seems fitting for this post!  The bridal bouquet below includes garden roses, ranunculus, tulips, and godetia for a lush, romantic style.

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