Eco-chic Vermont Weddings

The spectrum of green weddings ranges from fashion-forward eco-couture events with an intentionally small guest list and seasonal localvore ingredients to casual, tented affairs with DIY details and a vegan meal option, but you’ll find many shades of green in between.

No matter what shade of green suits you every couple could use a few good eco-friendly wedding tips.  When planning your Vermont wedding I think you should try to not only reduce your negative impact on the environment, but also maximize the positive aspects of holding your wedding here by focusing on local foods and savoring the seasonal opportunities Vermont has to offer, as well as taking advantage of the many talented and capable wedding vendors throughout the state.

Here are 10 easy ways you can reduce the environmental impact of your wedding whether your style is earthy or eco-chic:

  1. Try to work with the season when selecting colors, flowers and décor by incorporating local, seasonal blooms to reduce or eliminate pesticide use/presence and allow for a more natural overall feeling.
  2. Support Vermont farms and industries by incorporating local meats, cheeses, chocolates, wine, beer, maple syrup, coffees & teas, sodas and apple cider into your menu.
  3. Hold the ceremony and reception at same location to reduce gas consumption & pollution.
  4. Select lodging near the wedding location to minimize travel.
  5. Use recycled paper printed with soy based ink for wedding stationery…Oh, and don’t forget cocktail napkins…or look for plantable paper for invitations, favor tags and thank you notes!
  6. Rent items for the big day such as centerpiece containers, china, glassware and silverware.
  7. Plan a sit down meal instead of a buffet to reduce food waste, extra plates, etc.
  8. Use soy, beeswax or palm wax candles with cotton wicks.
  9. Make a donation to your favorite charity as a favor for attending your wedding or in lieu of registering for gifts.
  10. Go “greenhouse neutral” by offsetting carbon emissions for your wedding day at

Try at least one of these tips for your Vermont wedding to make an environmental effort.  Use 5-7 of these tips and your dedication to the green movement starts to pick up momentum.  Incorporate 8-10 tips into your planning and your eco-chic efforts will be duly noted–on 100% recycled paper, of course!

wedding favor Pictured:  Jaime and Kyle gave reusable water bottles as a favor for their destination Vermont wedding.  Their commitment to the environment was a clear part of their big day.

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