Vermont Maple Syrup Season is On!

Maple is the official flavor of Vermont and with the warm temperatures we’ve been having the past few weeks the sap is flowing like crazy and sugarmakers are hard at work.  Since my husband works for Butternut Mountain Farm when the sap is and isn’t flowing is a big part of our lives.  Dave wakes up around 4:00am to get an early start on these busy days and when he hits the alarm I often say, “Time to make the syrup” which admittedly is probably funnier to me than it is to him.  He really is like that guy in the old Dunkin’ Donuts commercials though–he pulls himself out of bed even though he is tired because he really loves that sweet, sweet syrup!

There’s a good chance we’ll have a short sugaring season this year if the nighttime temps don’t get cold enough to slow down the flow of sap, but from what I’ve heard (from my husband of course!) this year’s crop has been delicious!  The 2010 annual Vermont Maple Open House Weekend will be held at sugarhouses throughout Vermont from March 26-28th so mark your calendar and make a date to experience pure maple at its finest.

After the sap stopped flowing from our maple tree last year I put a bouquet in the bucket!

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