Winter Wedding Flower Tips

Winter weddings can be cozy and romantic…especially in Vermont!…but flowers and winter weather don’t go well together.

It’s straight forward enough that freezing temperatures will kill flowers.  Temperatures below 35 degrees are sure to end the life of your fresh blooms nearly instantaneously.  If you’re planning a winter wedding don’t bring flowers out in the cold.  (Easy rule of thumb:  If it’s snowing outside, it’s too cold for your flowers.)

If you are planning a winter wedding here are some tips:

  • Order 2 bouquets; one for photos before the ceremony and one for the vows.
  • Or use “permanent botanicals” (aka artificial flowers) for any outdoor activities like photos of you frolicking in a snowy field…otherwise be advised that your bouquet may be frozen before you say “I do”.

On your wedding day:

  • Have your florist deliver bouquets to the ceremony location so you don’t have to walk outside with them.  If you have to move from one location to another have someone put a plastic bag (or two) over the flowers so the cold air doesn’t touch them.  I can’t stress enough how quickly the cold can take the life out of a fresh flower.
  • Limit your time outdoors even if the mercury rises above 35 degrees.  Florists store fresh blooms in coolers that are around 40 degrees (give or take a few), but winter air can be more harsh so keep your outdoor photo ops short and sweet.
  • You may want to take a few photos with your bouquet and then have someone run it inside so you have additional outdoor pics without your flowers.  Same rules apply to boutonnieres by the way!

If you opt to use some wintery greens like pine or cedar they will be more cold tolerant, but choosing to marry in winter doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to have an “evergreen” inspired event.

You may be wondering how I got this bouquet photo on a snowy day…Well, we were fortunate that it was about 40+ degrees that day and the flowers are NOT touching the snow.  We still wrapped the flowers for delivery so they wouldn’t get a chill!

The above bouquet includes lisianthus, callas, roses, hydrangea, freesia, leucodendron and berzilia.

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