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Wedding Consultation Tips For A New Year

Holidays are great for reminding us that you shouldn’t bring too many cooks into the kitchen and when planning your wedding it’s best if you don’t bring too many people with differing opinions to your consultations.

It’s understandable that some people prefer the input of friends & family when meeting with vendors, however, it’s important to let your own preferences shine through so you get your wedding style, not your sister’s, your mom’s or your BFF’s wedding.

If you have already defined your wedding style as a couple it may be best to meet with vendors as a couple first and then inform family and friends about the decisions you made together.

When it comes to selecting your florist, photographer or caterer the most important thing is to feel a connection that allows you to trust that you are in good hands.  Part of the planning process includes letting go and allowing the vendors you’ve hired to fulfill your vision!

Here are 7 Tips to keep in mind when meeting with a potential florist and some inspiration for finding your personal bouquet style.

White and green bouquets are classic and timeless no matter what your style or season.

How has your wedding planning experience been so far?  Do you feel confident with your choices and happy with your progress?  Has your partner been involved in the details?  No matter how far you are in the process remember to keep calm and plan on!

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