Truth In Wedding Planning

Honesty.  It’s something that I value greatly and I consider it part of my job to be honest with my couples throughout the planning process.

Planning a wedding allows for a lot of day dreaming (or at-work-internet-searching!) and the real life logistics of that dreaming sometimes needs to be brought into focus.  Whether it’s a budget issue or a matter of dreaming so big that your vision will present a set of challenges in terms of implementation it’s up to your wedding vendors to tell you the real deal when it comes to your requests.

Your caterer may suggest that you rent a tent for your cocktail hour or that you add an additional item to your menu; your photographer may want to take “first look” photos prior to the ceremony so you can enjoy more time at your reception; your floral designer may recommend you use certain flowers for longevity or color availability.

It’s essential that you are comfortable with their level of expertise and value their advice.  If you can listen to the feedback from your trusted professionals and know that they will work their magic for you on your big day then your planning process can be more enjoyable.

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