The Wedding You Want vs The Wedding You Can Afford

I saw a fellow “pinner’s” quote that read, “I have two wedding boards, one for the wedding I’m planning on Pinterest and one for the wedding I can afford.”

It’s kinda funny, a little bit sad and so true!  In a world of endless wedding inspiration couples are all too aware of the many options, endless DIY details and must-have-luxuries that they may or may not be able to swing for.  You can start out thinking…I HAVE to have THAT!…until your heart sinks when you find out the price tag that’s attached to it.  It may feel like you’re pinning your hopes and dreams.

Every detail adds up when planning a wedding.  The venue and food costs are just the beginning and once you add flowers, favors, photography, music, linens, dessert, table numbers and stationery things start to get real.  And don’t forget your wardrobe.  Wedding day attire is a huge detail and there is always one more thing you need to complete your ensemble…veil, shoes, the “right” undergarments, jewelry, an adorable bolero or pashmina!

Don’t get bummed out by the “must-have’s” of wedding inspiration boards, magazines and blogs.  It’s better to spend wisely than to simply spend muchly!  (You can tweet that and bring it to the bank.)

When all is said and done the most important things to keep in mind are the comfort of your guests, the quality of their experience (I’m talking ample food and drink here people!) and cherishing the fact that you will soon be wed and that’s what truly matters.  Truly.


Photo by Landwehrle Photography

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