Tall Centerpieces…And Why I Hate Them

It’s been a while since I’ve written a Love it/Hate it post, but a recent consultation with a bride who expressed her horrible experience with tall centerpieces at a friend’s wedding has ignited my flame.

People often choose tall centerpieces to make a large ballroom feel more “full” or to give a feeling of opulence, but there are drawbacks.  I think they are impractical and obstruct the guests’ view across the table.  If a guest has to move a centerpiece off the table to feel more comfortable that’s a bit of a floral faux pas.  If my centerpiece hindered conversation and socialization at your wedding I’d be pretty bummed.

Taller pieces are also more top-heavy which means when your Uncle George leans on the table after a few glasses of vino something may get tipsy…and I’m not talking about your uncle!  I’m a firm believer in not booby-trapping your wedding.  Even the amazing Preston Bailey, Oprah’s go-to floral designer, has shared horror stories of his impressive pieces causing chaos at a reception.  You simply cannot predict how guests are going to interact with your table decor.

I simply dislike tall centerpieces.  They may seem impressive when you first enter the reception, but once seated your guests are staring at the base of the vase and the real action (aka the flowers!) are above their heads.  Short and sweet, I think your centerpieces should be short and sweet.  If your guests can easily see across the table, then the centerpiece is the right size.

 Here are a few centerpieces that are full, colorful and will not hinder conversation.

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