Wedding Planning Tips You Want To Do

You can find a lot of do’s and don’ts when it comes to wedding planning.  Naturally, you want to avoid the don’ts as much as possible (for example don’t include registry info with your invitations, don’t invite friends to your bridal shower who aren’t invited to the wedding, and don’t invite guests for a 5 o’clock ceremony and plan only a cocktail reception without dinner…you get the picture.)

I am sure that at my own wedding I did a few don’ts and for some couples breaking the rules is what will make your day memorable, but here are a seven DO’s for your wedding day!

Please Do:

  • Make sure your Plan B (aka your rain plan) is as good as Plan A.  If you are having an outdoor ceremony you cannot be disappointed if it rains.  It might rain.  It probably won’t, but it might!  You are not allowed to worry about the weather.  I repeat, you are not allowed to worry about the weather!
  • Create a signature cocktail and a non-alcoholic “mocktail,” too.  Tie your color palette or a seasonal fruit into the drink to make it even more special!
  • Get creative with the guest book.  Give people a topic to write about or ask for words of wisdom, get a photo booth or provide a digital camera for people to take photos before signing the book, compile a list of good wishes from your friends & family or design a photo album of the two of you for guests to look through and write in (like a yearbook!).
  • Select a colored linen or napkin to emphasize the palette you’ve selected.
  • Give a donation as your wedding favor.
  • Prioritize wedding day decor in your budget.  It creates the atmosphere!
  • Save some money for your honeymoon!  You will have a life after the wedding, too.

wedding signage

I recommend you implement all of these tips to plan a beautiful wedding.  If you found these tips helpful share the love with a friend!



  • daria bishop

    January 5, 2010 at 9:44am ·

    I love your blog!!
    These are nifty tips…and photographers appreciate fun details to photograph too!
    Happy New Year!!

  • alison

    January 5, 2010 at 9:51am ·

    Thanks, Daria!..and happy, happy new year to you & Andy, too!

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