Out-of-town Guests

Whether you are a destination couple or a hometown crew it is likely that you will have a portion of your guest list travelling to your Vermont wedding.  Planning from your guests’ perspective is the key to planning a great wedding weekend.  Consider these tips to be the ultimate host-and-hostess with the mostess:

  1. Host a welcome reception the day or two before your wedding.  This can be as informal as a BBQ or cocktail hour at a local pub or something a step away from a rehearsal dinner depending on your budget and style of the wedding.
  2. Create a printed itinerary or newsletter that your guests will receive upon check-in at their hotel.  Include a local map, a list of your favorite dinner and breakfast spots, shopping or hiking areas (depending on your sport!) and information about the weekend (like directions and timing for the wedding day so people don’t arrive late).
  3. Invite as many out-of-town guests to the rehearsal dinner as you possibly can.  
  4. Put welcome baskets in the hotel rooms of your guests with a note welcoming them to VT!  It can be as simple as a couple of water bottles, some local baked goods and chocolates or as elaborate as a bottle of wine, local bread or crackers, chocolate truffles or toffee, fresh fruit and granola bars.  If you can’t do the basket at least do the note or the newsletter!
  5. Budget Tip:  Consider taking your “favor funds” and putting them towards welcome baskets or a welcome reception.
  6. Try to provide 2 options for your guests’ lodging so they can select a room with a rate that suits their budget.  Some guests may stay an extra night to enjoy a long weekend! 

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