10 Tips For Your Destination Wedding In Vermont

Destination couples who are planning their Vermont wedding from afar need not worry.  There are a lot of couples in your shoes and as a wedding professional it is my job to work to understand your vision and allow you to trust that the look and feeling you imagine can be a reality.

Whether you are as close as Boston or New York or across the country (or across the globe!) it is possible to plan the wedding of your dreams and rest easy knowing that everything will come together as you wish.

Here are 10 tips for destination couples:
  1. Plan to visit Vermont about 1 year before your wedding to see how the area will be likely to look at the time of your wedding next year or visit at least 2 months prior to your date to handle any in-person planning that may need to be done.
  2. Make a list of the best and worst aspects of each location as you pick your ideal venue taking into consideration how the flow will work for your guests.  Note:  If you find a venue you like, but it won’t work for your wedding day it may be a good choice for your rehearsal dinner.
  3. What is your rain plan?  You must have a Plan B that is just as good as Plan A (or at least close to it!) if you are planning an outdoor ceremony.
  4. Scope out hotel accommodations in the vicinity of the sites you are looking at just in case you won’t be in the area again until closer to the wedding date.
  5. Collect photos from magazines, blogs or websites of styles you’d like to share with your florist or wedding planner.
  6. Ask for referrals for a great photographer, caterer, florist & cake maker from the other vendors you’ve hired.  The professionals you hold in high regard likely keep good company as well.
  7. Select only vendors you have confidence in!  Trust your instincts.  You will probably feel more comfortable with vendors who are responsive and easy to contact via e-mail.
  8. Consider a slightly smaller guest list so you can treat them to more special details like welcome baskets in their rooms, a welcome reception or an upgrade at the bar.
  9. Arrange to have a nice space for you and your attendants to get dressed the day of the wedding.
  10. Plan to relax upon your arrival in Vermont and trust that your day will come together flawlessly!

head table at Ferry Watch Inn, Grand Isle, VT

Will these strategies help guide your destination wedding plans?  Can they help others?  Share the love with a friend!

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