How To Make A Centerpiece More Expensive

Want to know how to make your centerpieces more expensive?  Add candles.  Candlelight is so hot this year {pun intended!} and I’ve had more requests for “lots of candles” than ever before.  The reality is that candles aren’t cheap.  And if they are inexpensive it’s probably for good reason (like they won’t burn for very long, or the wax is scented).

Whether you purchase candles from your florist, wedding planner, or buy them yourself they should be considered in your decor budget.

If you have your heart set on “a ton of candles” you can easily add $50-70 per table for the romantic aura.  Larger pillar candles in glass can cost $20+ a piece.  Votive candles range from $3-7 each.  Floating candles in vases of various sizes can start at $15-20 and the larger the vase, the higher the cost.  Love mercury glass?  Cha-ching!  Even faux-mercury glass will easily add $15-20 per candle.

Here’s a quick tip to keep your candle costs in check:  the first thing to do is ask your venue if they provide votive candles.  Many venues will provide 3 to 5 candles per table for no charge.  But sometimes you have to ask to find out what’s included so make sure you know what is provided.

If candles are essential to your wedding day ambience then perhaps the cost will not deter you!  Enjoy the allure of amore and light up the night!  Oh yes, that’s another thing…don’t put a huge emphasis on candles if you’re having a reception during daylight hours.  It’s far more elegant at night!

Pictured here is a faux mercury glass julep cup filled with flowers for a cocktail table.

Tip:  Water in the bottom of the votive holder allows the wax to be easily removed.  These small votives have ice cubes in the bottom which will melt and allow the wax to come away from the glass.

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