How To Define Your Wedding Day Style

As a designer whose job it is to interpret your ideal style and meld your favorite looks into one cohesive theme I’ve found that the things you don’t like are just as important as the things you do like.

Perhaps you’ve gathered images you like, but there is no clear “vision” or your color palette is iffy and you have no idea what flowers you like which is leaving you feeling like you don’t know what you want.  Here’s what I suggest you do; take notice of what you dislike.

Are you not into bright, bold colors?  Do you dislike many different flowers & textures mixed together in bouquets?  Think hydrangea are too fluffy?  Callas too formal?  Blue seems too “blue” for you?

Believe it or not your dislikes can help paint a very clear picture of what you actually DO like.  Never fear.  You have a wedding style…even if you don’t know it yet!

Curious about how to add color to your wedding day? Watch my video here!


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