How to be a good wedding guest

It’s been said that florists make the worst wedding guests, but I think there is a rising trend in rude wedding guests.  From arriving late to the ceremony to talking & texting through the vows to stocking up on asprin courtesy of the amenity basket in the ladies’ room; I think wedding guests could use a few reminders when it comes to modern-day manners.

A few tips on How To Be A Good Wedding Guest

♥RSVP on time please…pretty please!  (That’s what the SVP stands for after all!…it’s French for please.)  Don’t force the couple to call you to ask if you are coming to their wedding.  Don’t make anyone wonder whether or not you are coming.  This thing is not about you.

♥Put your cell phone on silent before you even walk into the ceremony so you won’t forget!  Interruptions by the sounds of crazy ringtones in the middle of the ceremony is an epidemic that has overtaken the “baby screaming through the vows” of yesteryear.

♥Arrive on time.  No, arrive a half hour early.  This is an important day for someone who cares about you enough to invite you to their wedding.  Show up.  On time.  Or a little bit early.  Consider this part of your gift to the couple.

♥Be nice.  Say hello to the other guests around you at your table or during the cocktail hour.  These are not just random strangers on the subway; you have a mutual friend (or two) in common.  Ask, “how do you know the happy couple?”  Say hi to grandparents and maybe let them cut you in line at the buffet.  Compliment someone’s fabulous shoes or make a new friend on the dance floor.

♥Don’t raid the bathroom amenity basket.  It’s not a shopping spree.  It’s for everyone.  When someone catches you stocking up on hairspray and lint rollers you might be embarrassed.

♥If alcoholic beverages are served before the ceremony, limit yourself to 1 drink.  Manners people.  Manners.

♥Sign the guest book or participate in whatever “sign in” ritual the couple has chosen.  Sign the book or plate or picture frame, leave your recipe for love and happiness, offer your best wishes…whatever it is just find it and sign it.  They’ll be so glad you did.

♥Say hello and congratulations to the couple’s parents.  It’s a big day for them, too.  A little, “Thanks for inviting us,” or a compliment on how beautiful the wedding has been wouldn’t hurt either.

Do you have any tips for how to be a good wedding guest?


  • Kate

    April 13, 2011 at 1:22pm ·

    I’ve heard stories about proper attire for female wedding guests. There is, of course, the “never wear white for you will be upstaging the bride” rule. One college classmate had a few other suggestions for what to wear when she got married:

    1) Don’t wear black for that means you hate the bride or you’re in mourning
    2) Don’t wear red because that means you’re a loose woman
    3) Don’t wear the same color as the bridesmaids because then you look like you were upset not to be included.

    I don’t know how much of this is legitimate or just her Bridezilla coming out (incidentally, we’re not friends anymore) but it was interesting.

    And people showed up at her wedding in all these colors. 🙂

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