Hooked On A Feeling: The Ambiance At Your Wedding

When I first start talking with a couple about their wedding one of the details I want to know is “how do you want your wedding to feel?”  Even if you don’t have a “theme” per se, you most likely have an idea of whether you’d like the atmosphere to be elegant & classic or casual & rustic or romantic & gardeny or something entirely different than anything you’ve seen before.  The atmosphere you create for your guests will surely be remembered.

Take some time to think about how you want your wedding day to feel.  Is it formal?  If so, then perhaps you’ll have a glass of champagne handed to each guest as they arrive at your reception.  Do you want a more casual, welcoming vibe?  Consider a pre-ceremony cocktail hour or a lemonade bar to encourage guests to mingle and get acquainted.

If you start hosting the moment guests arrive they will recognize the special feeling and ambiance you’ve created.

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