Grooms Do

As the groom it can sometimes be hard to figure out how to fit in to the whole planning gig.  Some grooms are more interested than others of course, so I don’t want to generalize, but it is commonly assumed that the bride will be taking the lead in planning.  I think finding ways to express your personality & style as a couple is essential to modern-day wedding planning.  As an expression of two people joining their lives together the masculine touch is as important as the bride’s vision. 

Here are a few suggestions for grooms:

Arrange for an extra little vase of flowers or other small gift to be delivered to the bride’s suite before the ceremony with a note expressing your excitement about the day ahead.  After all of her dedication to planning the details it will be so nice to have something surprise her before the wedding! 

Be willing to step outside of your comfort zone if it is appropriate for your wedding day.  It is one thing to opt for khakis & cons for a mid-summer ceremony in the park with a casual reception, however if you have booked a formal venue with perhaps a religious ceremony and a plated four-course meal it isn’t unreasonable to don a tux!

Consider this an opportunity to invest in a tailored suit that will fit you perfectly and last for years.  It may cost as much as her wedding gown (or it may cost half as much!), but you can wear it multiple times and let’s face it, you could probably use a great suit!

Do have a say-so in your own attire as well as your groomsmen.  Your bride may have an ideal wedding look for you or she might like your input to determine the formality of the attire.  Don’t agree to a tuxedo or a pink polka-dot tie that you hate if you feel it seems totally out of place for your style or the vibe you have in mind.

Express an interest in the wedding planning and do your best to make the day about your taste and style as well as your partner’s.  It is great to get involved in menu selection, music and photography, but you may find that you are interested in linens, invitations and ceremony decor as well. 

Find ways to help get things crossed off the “to do” list in the weeks and months before the wedding.  Tackle as many projects as you can and encourage times for you both to take a break from wedding talk.

Grooms, this time between your engagement and the big day is full of much to do and plan.  Good luck to you in your planning process!  Cheers, to what will be one of the most special days of your lives!

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