Great Gift For Grooms

Grooms sometimes require input and assistance on proper wedding attire that both represents their personal style and stays in step with the overall feeling of the wedding.  A tux can be too formal and khakis can be too casual, so finding the right balance to let you feel like yourself is essential.  Adding a personal spin can help make that happen and cuff links are a great way to accessorize your attire.  Representing your team can keep it classy, but macho at the same time!

Red Sox Cuff Links

Football Cuff Links

If you’re an online shopper you’ve probably stumbled upon Nordstrom’s fantastic website o’ fabulousness, but check out their full selection of cuff links at  Just a hint…These would make a great gift!

I found this style savvy tip via Alison Stewart on so you know they are also NYC stylist-approved.

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