Choosing Vermont For Your Destination Wedding

I find it interesting to hear why a couple chooses to get married in Vermont.  Sometimes it’s obvious–they live and work here or maybe their family has a vacation house or they grew up skiing in the Green Mountains–but oftentimes a couple selects Vermont for some other, almost enchanted reason.  Those are some of the most interesting stories to me.

The couple that says, “We always liked the idea of getting married in New England,” or “We just fell in love with Vermont and thought it would be fun to get married here!”…these are the couples that intrigue me.

They are people who are not afraid to plan their wedding from a distance with little knowledge of the area or what’s available locally.  They trust their wedding vendors to handle details and offer referrals, and the reason they are brave in the face of planning from afar is because of the pay-off.

The experience they offer to their guests while introducing people to the beauty of Vermont and all its local goodness–including mountainous scenery, farmers’ markets, fall foliage, gorgeous wedding venues and charming inns–is unparalleled.

We are experts in the art of planning destination weddings in Vermont.  Whether you are looking for the perfect venue, photographer, stationer, floral designer or caterer you can find all the professionals you’ll need right here in the Green Mountain State.  In the true spirit of Vermont we invite you to “shop local” for your big day!

Photo above courtesy of Daria Bishop Photographers

What brings you to Vermont for your wedding day?

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