Candy Bar At Your Wedding…And Why You Should Skip It

The candy bar buffet has been a trend in weddings for years now and I personally think it’s time for retirement.  As a lifelong sugar addict I don’t usually talk people out of candy, but as a wedding professional who often sees couples working to stay on budget I find that this element of the reception turns out to be more waste than it’s worth.

Most adults who’ve spent the last several hours eating delicious food and imbibing in beer, wine and the like, and who’ve likely had a piece of cake!, are not looking to get their sweet tooth on with some Mike and Ikes or Sour Gummies.  Presenting a candy bar as a “favor” to take home is lost on most people because the day after your wedding they are not looking to bombard their bodies with corn syrup, but rather looking to hydrate and reflect on the beautiful party you hosted.

If you really want a candy bar here are some things to consider:

1. You’ll need to buy apothecary jars to display the goods.  You can assume that these will cost you anywhere from $20 to perhaps as little as $10 each.  You’ll probably get at least 10 jars if you want to make a display.  Oh, and don’t forget you’ll need to wash the jars before bringing them to your venue or planner.

2.  You’ll want to have signage made for your candy bar.  Depending on your DIY abilities or your stationer this will either cost time or money or both.

3.  Unless your venue has an abundance of buffet tables you will likely need to rent a table and a linen for your candy bar display.

4.  Scoops.  You’ll need some scoops and/or tongs to serve the candy.

5.  Bags.  Guests need something to shovel that sugar in to so you’ll want to provide bags and twist ties.

6.  Last, but not least you need candy!  Soooo….let’s say you select 10 types of candies for your display…you’ll either shop in bulk at a local candy shop or buy online (in which case don’t forget to add on the shipping for the 30-50 pounds of candy you’re buying!).  I did a little online shopping this morning and for an assortment of 10 different types of candies (good ones that I’d have bought when I was a kid and used to make weekly trips to the candy shop in the mall) my total came to $350.  For candy.

Now, when I do some quick math I would conservatively estimate a $600 price tag on your candy bar experience.  For about that price I could design an amazing floral arbor for your ceremony; or you could get an incredibly special wedding cake design; or you can add a nice little chunk onto your open bar tab; or make a donation to charity as your wedding favor.

If you are already sold on the candy bar idea I’d suggest you consider a dessert display instead with a jar or two of candy (if you must!) and an assortment of pastries, cakes, donuts and truffles.  It’s a little more grown-up and likely much more delicious!

Here’s a cotton candy pink bouquet to add a little sweetness to my sour candy bar post!  This bouquet includes garden roses, ranunculus, godetia and French tulips.


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