An Inside Look At Wedding Planning

When I was planning our wedding in 2003 there was no Google to speak of; I was impressed that my caterer had a nice website and I found my photographer through the bridal insert in the Burlington Free Press.  Endless wedding inspiration simply did not exist outside of the pages of a magazine and Style Me Pretty would have sounded like nonsense words.  It was indeed a simpler time.

Last summer my husband and I remodeled our kitchen and we found all the decisions a bit overwhelming at times.  At one point while deciding which type of countertops we should get I thought to myself, this is what my couples must feel like.  It’s a big purchase.  There are a lot of once-in-a-lifetime decisions and even more small decisions.  The devil is in the details and it’s all about the details.  I wanted to make the “right” decisions so badly that at certain points I just didn’t know what to choose.

Throughout the stressful project I was happy to have an opportunity to get a glimpse of the perspective of where do I begin?!  I was able to put myself in your shoes and I truly have a new appreciation for the planning process my couples face.  With non-stop wedding inspiration there is a lot of pressure to stand out and make your wedding incredible, personalized and over-the-top.  (I found the same was true for planning a new kitchen!)

Dave and I wanted to make eco-friendly decisions for our remodel, but we didn’t have a budget for a “green kitchen”.  We had to decide where to go green and where to go with the flow.  We had to trust our contractor (which we did implicitly) to make the best recommendations to us and when we had some opportunities to really add a wow factor (like the cathedral ceiling and skylight) we had to decide whether it was worth it to go for it.  There were certain items that I cared far more about aesthetically and I took the lead on those decisions.  On the other hand there were aspects that meant a lot to Dave where he weighed in heavily.  It was a joint effort and the look we chose reflects both of our tastes.

In the end our kitchen came together perfectly.  The size, the colors, the way it flows with the rest of the house, the way it works when I’m cooking in there–the kitchen gods had our backs on this project for sure.  We came in on schedule and budget even with a few upgrades and additions we made along the way!

If we could do it, you can do it.  Focus on the most important pieces of the planning process like securing your venue, your vendors, your budget details and if you feel overwhelmed take a break for a day (or a week) until you feel ready to jump back into the details.  Try to enjoy it and make it a good experience along the way.  You’re only going to plan this wedding once and I’m sure it will be great!

When in doubt choose beautiful, bold colors that speak to you.  A great color combo is welcoming and fun!

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