An expert’s guide to your Vermont wedding

I specialize in Vermont weddings.

I planned a Vermont wedding in 2003…before Google, Pinterest and Instagram. (It wasn’t exactly the “dark ages”, but we did have to cut pictures out of magazines to put together an inspiration board in those days!)

Nowadays (ya know, with Google and electricity!), there’s no shortage of wedding inspiration and advice for newly engaged couples. However, there’s so much advice and inspiration that it can also become overwhelming.

I love Vermont weddings. And I love the couples who are drawn to (or back to) Vermont for their nuptials.

Because of my love of Vermont weddings, I put together a FREE guide to planning your Vermont wedding.

I’m sharing my insider tips based on over 16 years as a wedding professional.

Click to get it here:  10 Expert Tips for Your Vermont Wedding

This guide is free…And I hope it will help jumpstart your planning process!

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