Color Progression Or Ombre?

I love grouping colors together.  The idea of grouping “like colors” with each other and progressing along a spectrum has always appealed to my design sense.  I’ve yet to meet a couple who was inspired to have arrangements like this for their wedding so I made up this little diddy (aka centerpiece) for The Vermont Wedding Affair last Saturday.

It’s been gracing my table ever since and I’m wild about it.  You might actually think I invented this idea the way I talk about it at dinnertime.  “Don’t you just love this centerpiece?” and, “Is it me or is there something SO pretty about the way these colors go together?”  Of course I also say things like, “This soup is delicious, isn’t it?”  I like to compliment my all-around efforts when we’re together.

Here it is on my table in the sunlight.  It includes red roses, safari sunset, orange roses, yellow ranunculus, mini green hydrangea, white spray roses and seeded eucalyptus in a rustic wooden box.

“Ombre” is a term that you’ll see a lot on wedding inspiration blogs and to my eye that’s more of a color progression within one color category (for example if I had started with the red roses, moved onto hot pink, then onto medium-pale pink, to blush or white).  In the hair-styling world ombre tends to be a broader color spectrum, but in the floral world I think of it a little differently.  So whether you consider this ombre or simply grouped colors if you’re considering this style for your wedding call me, OK?

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