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What Seven Year Itch?

Cover of The Seven Year Itch While setting up a wedding over the weekend I met a bride-to-be and her mother as they were checking out the site for a wedding next summer.  We started chatting and the bride complimented me on my wedding rings.  Her mother asked me how long I’ve been married and I replied, “Seven years this

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My Vermont Wedding

Dave & I spend most of our time focusing on other peoples’ weddings, but with Valentine’s Day just around the corner I am feeling sentimental and remembering our wedding day so I thought I’d share some details from my Vermont wedding with you.  We had our ceremony and reception at Kingsland Bay State Park over Labor Day weekend in 2003.  Most

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DIY Favor-Chive blossom vinegar

When it comes to details I think that personalization is key.  When you’re planning DIY projects for your wedding I think simplicity is essential.  For our Vermont wedding in August of 2003 (which was highly DIY!) I made a sunlight infused chive blossom vinegar for our favors and I think it is a great, easy way to personalize something for

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