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Plan A Wedding That’s Uniquely Yours

I conducted a seminar last year at The Vermont Wedding Affair and a couple approached me afterwards who needed some advice on how to “claim” their wedding as their own.  The bride and groom wanted a Vermonty farm wedding and her parents did not think that was what a wedding should look like.  I could

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Mother’s Day is on Sunday!

I have seen so many Mother’s Day advertisements this year that it’s hard to imagine that anyone could forget it, but this Sunday is the day.  Whether you are sending an elaborate bouquet of flowers or a simple card, recognizing the great moms out there is always worth your while.  I consider myself really lucky to have

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Tips for the Mother of the Bride

Mothers of the bride (or MOB’s as we wedding folks say) are an important part of the wedding day.  Whether you are a close mother-daughter team or tend to have, let’s say, a failure to communicate, it’s important to know your place.  Typically, MOB’s get a reputation for being too involved, too opinionated or too

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