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Destination Wedding at Whiteface Club & Resort

When I talk about a destination wedding it usually means the bride and groom travelled to Vermont for their nuptials, but in this case our destination was across the lake in New York.  Trish and Ben tied the knot in an outdoor ceremony at The Whiteface Club & Resort in Lake Placid over the weekend on

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Alison’s favorite things (vol. 17)

It’s been over a month since I’ve given a shout out to one of my favorite things and since my husband discovered something super delicious this week at Marvin’s Country Store in Johnson (something I happened to discover a few weeks ago at Sweet Clover Market in Essex!) it feels like a perfect time to spread the word about Effie’s Homemade

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Alison’s favorite things (vol. 10)

It’s Arthur’s Fault!  I found out that Arthur actually lives up the street from me when I met his wife on a walk with my husband one lovely summer day so this “local love” is about as local as it gets!  When I bought his black bean & garlic sauce at the Jericho Farmer’s Market and tried the

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DIY Favor-Chive blossom vinegar

When it comes to details I think that personalization is key.  When you’re planning DIY projects for your wedding I think simplicity is essential.  For our Vermont wedding in August of 2003 (which was highly DIY!) I made a sunlight infused chive blossom vinegar for our favors and I think it is a great, easy way to personalize something for

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Alison’s Favorite Things (vol. 2)

I am known as a bit of a sweet tooth and consider myself a connoisseur of cookies (and chocolates and cakes, too!).  This week I am sharing one of my absolute favorite things, Vermont Cookie Love.  They make the most delicious chocolate chip and mocha chocolate chip cookies and the rest of their flavors are pretty amazing as well.  These

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