Perfect Arranger: The New Floral Frog

I took a trip down to Hildene in the spring for a site visit for a wedding {by the way you can see Beth & Danny’s Wedding here} and whilst I was in their super fun gift shop I could not resist buying this “Perfect Arranger” which is what I’d describe as a newer version of a floral frog.  The weave of the stainless steel coils allows for stem to easily be maneuvered inside of a bowl or low dish and submerged in water.  I think they’re pretty cool.  They’re rust proof and dishwasher safe so ✔check and ✔check!

I know what you’re probably thinking…I’m such an experienced designer that flowers must bow in submission at the mere sound of my clippers…what would I need with a floral frog?!  This is the kind of tool that can help transform a silver candy dish or gravy boat into the perfect flower vessel.  I look forward to using it in many different ways!

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