Mother’s Day is on Sunday!

I have seen so many Mother’s Day advertisements this year that it’s hard to imagine that anyone could forget it, but this Sunday is the day.  Whether you are sending an elaborate bouquet of flowers or a simple card, recognizing the great moms out there is always worth your while.  I consider myself really lucky to have a super-mom who I can not only depend on, but also look up to (even though she is like 5 inches shorter than me!). 

When Dave & I got married I inherited two great mothers-in-law who I love and admire.  I also have several friends who are moms now (some twice over!) and it is inspiring to see how much love and dedication they have to share on a daily basis. 

Sooooo…much love and respect to all the mothers out there this Sunday and every day!  Here is a pic for you of one of the most beautiful and fragrant (and super fragile and expensive!) blooms–the gardenia–a classic Mother’s Day flower!

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