Most Watched Weddings

Just in case you forgot William and Kate tied the knot on Friday, April 29th and there are estimates that 2 billion people were watching at home.  This is far more than 750 million who viewed the wedding of Charles and Diana in 1981 which had previously been the most viewed wedding in the world.

Do you know what the next most-viewed wedding was?  Believe it or not…drumroll please…Luke and Laura on General Hospital.  Yep, a soap opera wedding has held its own amoung the royals.

What strikes me is that Luke and Laura’s flowers were very similar to those selected for William and Kate’s wedding.  The bridal bouquets are both small in size, designed in bouquet holders and include lily of the valley.  The royal wedding party wore lily of the valley in their lapels just like Luke’s boutonniere.  30 years later the flowers still hold up! 

Check out a video of Luke and Laura’s wedding on YouTube here.

It will be at least another couple of weeks before my lily of the valley are in bloom.  Here’s a shot I took of convallaria in my garden.


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