It’s Engagement Season! It’s Duck Season.

It’s officially hunting season in Vermont and while it is neither rabbit season nor duck season around these parts I cannot help but think of Bugs Bunny & Daffy Duck when I hear wedding magazines & websites say that it’s engagement season.

It’s true that many couples will get engaged over the next few weeks or months, but I think calling it a season takes a bit of the romance out of it.  It’s the holiday season that fills you with a warm, fuzzy-feeling and adding an engagement to the mix makes it that much more special.

The opportunity to share your engagement with your family around the holidays brings an added charm to the experience.  Dave and I announced our engagement to our families over Thanksgiving weekend 8 years ago and although we had been engaged for months we felt that doing it in person was much more fulfilling than saying it over the phone.

To the newly engaged couples, Congratulations!…and good luck with all of your planning.  If you are just starting to plan your wedding then check out these DIY Tips3 steps for smart wedding planning and get a few tips for brides & grooms from my blog.

When did you get engaged?  Do you have a romantic proposal story?

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