Happy Holiday Wishes

I have been counting down the days to Christmas this year in anticipation of a big family gathering at our house and I cannot believe it is almost here!  2010 was a pretty sweet little year in the Ellis household.  We had the privilege of working with some fantastic couples on their weddings throughout Vermont, Pennsylvania, New York and New Jersey; the maple syrup business is booming; our newly remodeled kitchen is all ready for cooking up a holiday feast and I am preheating the oven as I write!  We feel lucky and thankful for what we have.  I’m even thankful for the several inches of freshly fallen snow that my husband is currently shoveling!  It will truly feel like Christmas when our families arrive in Vermont.

I wish you and yours a truly happy holiday filled with family, friends and warm fuzzy feelings of love & happiness!

This is our very first real, live Christmas tree!


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