We love On The Rise Bakery!

When we moved to Jericho 7 years ago we had no idea how many awesome foodie destinations we’d soon be surrounded by.  There’s The Kitchen Table Bistro, Belted Cow Bistro, Tuscano, Sonoma Station, The Village Cup and On The Rise Bakery all within 10 minutes of our house.  Yeah, we’re pretty lucky and when we’re hungry there is no shortage of choices.

My in-laws were visiting last weekend so we were treated to two delicious dinners at The Belted Cow and Kitchen Table Bistro and in turn we introduced them to On The Rise Bakery for a scrumptious breakfast.  There is something so charming about walking through their garden of fresh veggies and beautiful flowers on your way into the bakery that adds to the local experience.  Whether you are in the mood for a gluten-free pastry, a fruit smoothie or a slice of pizza you’ll find something yummy to suit your fancy.  We tried a delicious gazpacho last week and they also serve up dinner and live music several nights a week!

HUGE sunflowers greet patrons in the garden.

Dahlias happily grow in the gardens in the August sun.

You’ll find fresh basil, broccoli, tomatoes, peppers, squash, tomatillos, zinnias and cosmos in the garden to name a few.

This marigold was particularly eye catching.  An old garden standard that looked especially lovely this day.

If you haven’t been to On The Rise Bakery you should give them a try.  They make fabulous fresh breads, bagels, cookies, cupcakes…you name it!  They even made pizza doughs for our CSA share from Pete’s Greens which made some fabulous homemade pizzas.  Overall, we think they’re awesome and I’m sure you will, too.

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