VT Cows on Church Street

After a delicious breakfast at Penny Cluse Cafe on Sunday morning we took a stroll down Church Street in Burlington to check out these artistic cows for the Cows Come Home-Burlington!  Leunig’s, Gardener’s Supply Co, Burlington City Arts, Cabot Cheese & Shelburne Farms were a few names amoung the sponsors on the cows I photographed.  There are several more cows than I have included here so be sure to check them out in person and try to pick your favorite!

I didn’t need to look at the artist’s name to know that Katharine Monstream had her hands on this cow!  The artists created some beautiful cow-work and it’s hard to pick a favorite…I think I have 3 or 4 that are tied for 1st!  Which cow do you like the best?


  • Lyndyleigh

    September 15, 2010 at 10:36pm ·

    I saw these “cows” today and took pictures. I didn’t see some of them that you took pictures of. They are all so adorable and beautiful. I think I heard some mooing! giggle giggle.. I hope they come back again next year. thanks for putting your pictures here.

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