The Vermont Flower Show: A Sampling of Spring

We attended The 2011 Vermont Flower Show on Saturday at the Essex Fairgrounds to get a sampling of spring.  I was particularly looking forward to attending the seminar on organic gardening taught by one of my former UVM professors, Wendy Sue Harper.  She was a truly inspiring mentor to me in college and now her gig is at NOFA.  I consider her my personal compost & soil-health guru.  After hearing about Wendy Sue throughout the years my husband was happy to have finally met her in person and I was happy that he got to hear her talk about soil health!  {That’s what I call winning!}

Whether you attended the flower show for the educational seminars or purely for a dose of springtime blooms there was no shortage of happenings.  Ned Davis demonstrated the art of tablescaping and I heard it was standing room only due to a great interest in his workshop.  I know of at least one bride-to-be who got inspired by his designs!  (Ned helped design the flowers for my wedding and he guided me though my first bridal bouquet back in 2001!)  

Here are some signs of spring from the Vermont Flower Show…

A pansy from Sam Mazza’s Farm.

Gotta love this little begonia, too.

Jericho farm, Arcana, had purple primrose on display.

How cute are these little porcelain vases by S Designs of Maine?

A floral frog.  Frogs date back to the 16th century and today they’re most often used in Japanese Ikebana designs.  Simply fill the vessel with water and place freshly cut flowers on the spikes.

We were happy to get a little taste of spring this weekend.  What do you look forward to in the springtime?

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