An Evening with The Sweet Remains

Vermont is a great place for weddings and it’s a great place for music.  A great place for music.  Dave & I were invited by our friends, Katey & Josh, to attend an intimate backyard concert in Burlington and along with about 80 of their friends & neighbors we were treated to the tunes of The Sweet Remains (yep, click here & turn up your speakers!) and boy, was it sweeet

I hadn’t heard them before, but I was hooked as soon as they started to play their first song, ‘Dance with Me’.  They have revived a lost art of harmony in music–the anti-autotune age!–with a CSNY vibe that just makes you sway.  They have been touring around different parts of the country playing some backyard concerts and I am officially a huge fan!

Introducing…The Sweet Remains.  In concert.  In a Burlington backyard.  Too cool.

The stage set-up was pretty impressive, too.

No doubt, Katey & Josh know how to host a paaartaay!  Switchback on tap?  Yes, please.

They made some of the best sangria I’ve ever tasted!  The brownies weren’t too shabby, either.

There is also no doubt that they are way cute together!  (Don’t they have great backyard?!)

This concert-goer can play the spoons like nobody’s business!  He was on fire!  Mad respect.

Just in case the evening wasn’t exciting enough Katey & Josh announced their engagement!

 The moon was full when Josh proposed and it made a pretty nice display for the concert, too. 

A Sweet Remains finale…and a super sweet chandelier hanging in the woods! 

Okay, so if you haven’t checked it out already visit The Sweet Remains website and enjoy some tunes.  You may have heard Rich, Greg & Brian before either on their solo albums, in a Subaru commercial or on a Shrek soundtrack so check them out already!  I am listening to them right now.  Thanks for the music, guys!…and Thanks to Katey & Josh for a night to remember.

There is something about a couple in love that just warms my heart and puts a smile on my face.  We do a lot of weddings, but when you know two people who bring joy to one another it’s something special.  For this reason Friday night was particularly sweet.  Congratulations to you both!!!

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