What Marriage Means to Me

In a week where I’ve read the words fairytale wedding and princess more times than I can possibly count I started thinking about what being married really means.

The other night I was dishing leftovers into a tupperware while my husband watched a basketball game and as I glanced over and noticed his eyelids were closed with the remote firmly in hand I thought to myself, “I am going to do this countless times in my life”, and I felt really, really good about that.

The mundane moments of life and marriage can cause us to debate whose “job” it is to take out the trash or unload the dishwasher and I think that’s a trap that’s easy to fall into.  I figure if I were livin’ life solo I’d have to take out the trash and do the dishes myself anyway so I’m not sure why I sometimes feel that my husband should be doing it for me.

Partnership should be a privilege, not a chore.  And trust me, my husband has heard more than once that he could do a few more tasks around the house, but the point is that after the fairytale wedding day is over it takes some work & commitment to live happily ever after.

What marriage means to me is that we’re in this thing together; we’re on the same team and share the same goals.  Remember this after the fanfare and excitement of your wedding is over.  There’s a lot of every-day to live–be good to each other.

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