Honeysuckle in Alison’s Garden

OK, so there has been a frost…well, quite a few of them…and it’s November, well, mid-November at this point, but my honeysuckle vine is still hanging onto a few final blooms.  I noticed this pop of pink as I was headed out to my compost pile yesterday and was amazed to see the honeysuckle triumph over the cold.  It’s one of the first plants we planted in our perennial garden 6 years ago and while it wasn’t an impressive bloomer this summer its late-season blooms seem noteworthy to me.  There are many different varieties of honeysuckle (about 180 varieties!) that grow as shrubs or vines.  You’ll know honeysuckle by its sweetly scented, trumpet shaped flowers.

Do you have any late-blooming flowers in your garden?

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