Fresh berries from Alison’s Garden

One of the best things about summer has got to be the fresh berries from my garden.  We have a raspberry patch that produces lots of berries each year (in spite of the Japanese beetles that tend to linger around them!) and thanks to the birds we have some wonderful black raspberry bushes that have self-seeded under my evergreen tree and lilac bush.  They are perfect for eating right off the plant and worth every scratch and bug bite I incur while picking!

A few years ago we planted some blueberry bushes that have been pretty slow going and the birds seem to beat me to the punch when the berries ripen, but it’s still exciting to watch them grow.  We have a newly planted strawberry patch this year so I’d like to claim that I grew these strawberries, but I got them locally at Adam’s Apple Orchard & Farm Market in Williston.  They were some of the best strawberries I’ve had in years.  Truly.  I am sure that the little critters who ate all of my strawberries thought it was a great berry season, too!  What’s your favorite summer berry?

From top left:  raspberry, blueberries about to ripen, black raspberries & strawberries.

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