This one’s for the Floral Designers, Flower Lovers and Flirty Fleurs Readers

When you love what you do it shows.

People say if you love what you do you’ll never work a day in your life, but any hard working designer can tell you that is wholly untrue.

If you’re a florist your work can be a real challenge. You can fall in love with hard work.

For all of us hard-working floral blokes the appreciation of our craft is beautifully acknowledged by Alicia Schwede at This month she really stepped it up with a beautiful new print edition of a magazine that illustrates where the floral industry currently stands and provides some insight on where we’re headed. In short, it’s brilliant.

Flirty Fleurs is one of those beacons of inspiration that shares our work and works to inform, enlighten and better our industry whether you are a traditional shop or a solo-designer or you happen to design in a converted food truck (you’ll see what I mean in the magazine!).

You might say I’m biased since I contributed an article and have been known to guest blog on occasion, but with all sincerity I find the entire magazine refreshing, current and made for designers like me.

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Here are a few highlights:

  • The feature on amaryllis gave me a new appreciation for its beauty and unique shape as well as an understanding of its longevity despite its tender nature.
  • Alicias favorite bouquets are truly beautiful…not something that’ll make you roll your eyes and say “seen it!”.
  • My post, titled Go Pro, is a word to the wise on DIY.
  • The post on Women in {Flower} Power was truly fantastic. Designers Cori Cook, Emily Herzig and Janet Martineau shed some light on the status of our industry and what they see in our future. Cori says her favorite part of the business is designing. I love this answer because it’s so true to the core of what we do. Emily believes the future of our industry is in sustainability and she is 100% right! Janet advises that designers should get a good camera and take pictures of their own work. She says, “Document your own work…if you don’t have images it’s like your event never ever happened,” I could not agree more!
  • Debra Prinzing of Slow Flowers interviewed some wonderful Farmer Florists. She shares their approach to providing locally grown product and supplementing (or eliminating) their reliance on imported blooms.
  • You’ll find a rose study on gorgeous David Austin garden roses, interviews with a few other talented florists and images from real weddings & inspiration shoots.

There’s truly something for every designer. You can grab a digital version if you’re too impatient to wait for a print copy to arrive in the mail. Check out a preview of the magazine & order an issue here.

Congrats to Alicia on a beautiful piece of work!

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