Red rose bouquets for September Wedding

Lately I have noticed that brides either love roses for their classic, gardeny look or want to try to avoid them completely.  I think the rose has developed a bum rap because they have been poorly represented in many flower shops who try to sell a “cheap dozen” for $19.95 with short stems and small buds as well as grocery stores who have no clue how to handle let alone display fresh flowers (the grocery store being the worst rose representative in my opinion!).

Roses require proper care to come into full bloom (ie. removal of foliage, a fresh cut to the stems and clean water) and if they are tightly wrapped in plastic sleeves or are simply neglected and left in a cooler for an extended period of time they are certainly less impressive than they could be.  The vase life of a rose tends to be at bit shorter than many other blooms at 3-5 days, but the romance associated with the rose trumps its vase life. 

Erin & Matt were married at The Round Church in Richmond and hosted their reception at the West Monitor Barn where red roses were the star of the show.  This bride was all about red roses and I used 3 varieties of reds including ‘Freedom’, ‘Opium’ and ‘Black Magic’ along with a few eggplant dahlias and some peachy rose accents to create the bouquets.  The bridesmaids wore deep purple dresses.  I have always loved reds and purples together!

This is a look at Erin’s bouquet of red and peach roses with dahlias & seeded eucalyptus.

Here is another look at the bride’s bouquet and one of her bridesmaid’s bouquet.

Congratulations, Erin and Matt!  It was such a gorgeous day for your wedding with foliage starting to come into its peak and weather warm enough to truly enjoy the day.  I hope it was a perfect day for you both!


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