Oh, Sweet Peas!

My birthday is in April so when I was growing up in New Jersey it pretty much always rained on my birthday.  Since I moved to Vermont I can usually count on a snowy birthday, however there are two silver linings to these cumulus clouds that make having an April birthday kinda rock:  1.  our birthstone is a diamond, and 2. the official flower of April is the Sweet Pea. 

Sweet Peas are often called “the Queen of Annuals” by gardeners and they have been in fashion in English and country style gardens since the 17th century.  They are one of my favorite flowers (but aren’t they all?) and their butterfly-shaped appearance make them especially endearing to me. 

Here are a few Sweet Peas in an old Ball jar that brightened my day yesterday.  I hope they brighten yours!  I can’t take credit for growing them, but they made a nice addition to a bridal bouquet for this weekend’s wedding.  Happy Friday everybody!

Here is a single Sweet Pea on a blueberry box.  The tendrils give away their “pea” quality.

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  • Sarah Jo

    July 9, 2010 at 1:33pm ·

    From one April baby to another, I say “cheers” to all of the above!

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