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Long after the real flowers have faded

“The flowers will continue to live on brilliantly in people’s hearts long after the real flowers have faded.”

-Makoto Azuma

I heard these words spoken in an interview with Makoto Azuma and they really struck a chord. His words ring true for me as a wedding florist where the plans we make (sometimes for a year!) and the designs I create for days (and days!) are the culmination of a vision that’s intended for “just one day”.

Anyone who loves flowers (or loves weddings!) knows that “just one day” does not adequately describe the meaning and purpose of wedding flowers. Every single detail of a wedding is intended for “just one day”, however, the flowers do live on in the hearts of my clients, in the hearts of their families, in the hearts of their guests….and, of course, in pictures!

Flowers create the ambiance for your wedding day. Oftentimes flowers add the most personal stamp to the wedding-day decor. Flowers tie together the color palette; the varieties of the blooms chosen speak to whether the style is “romantic and gardeny” or “casual and wildflowery” or “modern and minimalist”; the flowers you choose can represent abundance or refinement; flowers are your perfect accessory (to your dress, your venue, your table linens, you name it!).

Whether we’re talking about flowers, or signature cocktails, or favors, or local, seasonal food prepared lovingly by your caterer….this “just one day” will live on brilliantly in peoples hearts; the people who love you and choose to stand by you on your wedding day.

xo. -A

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