Lilies In My Vermont Garden

This week has brought some brilliantly colored lilies in bloom my Vermont garden.  I seem to have successfully triumphed over the super destructive red lily beetles that have plagued my lilies for the past few years–diligent destruction of the buggers in the spring along with fearless squishing of their gross larvae have paid off so far.  These are Asiatic lilies, not day lilies so they hold their blooms for several days.  Here are a few of the beauts that are the first bloomers of the summer!  The orange with the brush strokes of burgundy were the first to pop.  #BringThePretty

These lilies are a deep pink with lots of buds yet to bloom.

Lilies have six petals and six anthers which are covered in deep orange pollen.  Florists usually remove the anthers because they can stain clothing…and hands…and the flower petals, too!

These lilies are the shortest of them all at about 12″ tall.  They are red, although they look a little pink in this photo.

We call this the “First Perennial Garden” since, as the name implies, it’s our first garden we planted when we moved into our house.  The allium are just past their prime; there are still a few peonies barely hanging on; the astilbe is just starting to show its colors; lady’s mantle and sedum are taking over the front row; and bee balm will be the next to bloom.  It could use a good weeding, too!

So that’s what’s new in my Vermont garden this week.  I’ll be in my studio for the next few days working away and I’ll have a fresh wedding post for you on Tuesday!  I hope y’all have a great holiday weekend!  Happy Fourth!

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