Flowers in Beautiful Italy

In Italian the word for flower is fiore.  That’s one of the words I learned before Dave and I embarked on a 10 day excursion through Rome and Sorrento…well, that word and one sentence, Sono allergica alla penicillina, “I’m allergic to penicillin,” since my husband and I could both use that phrase in a pinch.

There are a few photos of the two of us on vacation, but most of my pictures are of flowers…and the view of Mount Vesuvius from our balcony in Sorrento!  There were some truly beautiful flowers throughout our travels–magnolia trees lining the streets in Rome, terra cotta pots on rooftop gardens, basil nestled on window sills, and my personal favorites are bouganvillea and jasmine–so I was more than happy to see them {and smell them} in full bloom!

Bouganvillea bloomed everywhere!

Like, seriously…it grew everywhere!!

Wisteria on marble seems like the quintessential Italian scene.

These yellow flowers on Mount Vesuvius were called broom bush by a local.

Poppies grew everywhere!…even out of rock walls and cracks in the pavement!

Oleander in pinks, whites and yellows could be found throughout the landscape.

A red garden rose in an Italian garden…smells so sweet.

This is one of the last shots I took in Rome.  A balcony overflowing with flowers is SO Italian.

This hydrangea display in Capri was over-the-top gorgeous.  It’s got such an incredible wedding feeling to it.

Here are some more floral details I couldn’t resist sharing!

A post with Italian blooms would not be complete without a nod to the lemon.  Lemon groves were numerous in Sorrento and trees even grew in pots!  One night we had an amazing dinner at a restaurant called Donna Sophia in a garden that was in a lemon grove lined with a wall of jasmine and hydrangea.  The scent of lemon and jasmine was absolutely divine.

And even though the olive trees weren’t in full production here’s a shot of Mount Vesuvius with olive trees in the foreground.

So that’s the floral tour of my Italian dream vacation.  I hope you enjoyed my pics!  I’ll be dreaming of jasmine and lemon for the rest of the day!

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  • Lala Corriere

    March 22, 2016 at 10:03am ·

    Thank you so much for this post and fantastic photos.
    I’m a writer. Having travelled to Italy last summer my new novel is largely set there, but I was missing the names of any very fragrant flowers. It’s interesting to me. I noticed it when I was there, and then to see your post….. the region’s flowers around Rome and into Tuscany are VERY similar to ours here in Tucson, AZ.

    Thanks, again. I had to go to several sites before yours gave me all!

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