Love it/Hate it: favors

I know some people really object to the word hate and I suppose I could call this a “do” and “don’t” list, but sometimes there is no in-between and you have to just love or hate something.

I’ve seen a lot of favors in our wedding travels…from the mundane to the most heartfelt and I think it probably goes without saying that I prefer the latter.  Here are some of my faves and a few of my pet peeves!

Love List

  • Seating cards that double as favors.
  • Personalized tags to match your invitations, menu or monogram–a must-have detail!
  • Altruistic or family-made favors like homemade cookies, family recipes & charitable donations.
  • Edible favors of locally made goodies you just know your guests will love (think maple syrup, honey, spicy mustard, apple butter or chocolates!).
  • Welcome baskets for out-of-town guests in addition to (or instead of) favors at the reception.

Hate it (Sorry, No Love)

  • Large-sized favors that take over the look of the centerpieces/tablescape and clutter it up.
  • Items that are childish or garbagey (like beer coozies, bubbles and tiny bells)!
  • Mints or chocolate-coated almonds in little tulle bags!
  • Using the term “in lieu of favors” on donation cards.  The donation IS the favor, it’s not in lieu of one.

Have you received a favor that you loved?  (or hated?…It’s OK, you can tell me!)

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