Alison’s Favorite Things (vol. 2)

I am known as a bit of a sweet tooth and consider myself a connoisseur of cookies (and chocolates and cakes, too!).  This week I am sharing one of my absolute favorite things, Vermont Cookie Love.  They make the most delicious chocolate chip and mocha chocolate chip cookies and the rest of their flavors are pretty amazing as well.  These definitely fall under the category of fantastic favors and gifts, but don’t forget to try some for yourself.  Dave and I often indulge in their cookies after we finish setting up a wedding.  Ahhh, a sweet reward!  Enjoy…and don’t blame me if you become addicted.


  • Mark

    November 23, 2009 at 9:15am ·

    Vermont Cookie Love!!!! Hey thanks for that little tip. Just what I need… another killer baker to tempt me with sugar and butter. Stick to the flowers girl. They are much better for my waistline.

    Nice Blog Alison! Beautiful floral design too.

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