It’s Earth Day. Do Something!

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Tomorrow is officially Earth Day and while I tend to be an Earth Day is Every Day kinda gal, I think it’s nice to make a concerted effort to reduce, re-use, recycle or clean up the planet at least 1 day a year if that’s all you have in you.  I’ll be walking around my neighborhood picking up the trash that has been thrown about by litterbugs  or transported and deposited by the snowplows in the spirit of earth day as usual, but I will also be taking a look at my daily routine and try to eliminate waste or over-use as much as possible.  I feel pretty earth-friendly because we compost, recycle everything we can and shop locally as much as possible, but there is always room for improvement.  Will you make an earthy change in 2010?  Why not?

Consider doing ONE simple environmentally friendly thing to save the planet like…swearing off paper cups by using a re-usable coffee mug, eliminating pesticide use inside your house AND your garden, reducing your water usage by taking shorter showers, composting your kitchen wastes or simply stop buying products with too much packaging (like individually packed snacks)! 

Make an effort for a day, a week, a lifetime.  Using a little less and doing a little more to clean up the planet is a good thing!

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