Invitation tips from Kate Youlen of That’s Inviting

Kate Youlen of That’s Inviting thinks invitations are so much fun and she tells couples to think about the style of the invitation as it relates to the mood they are trying to set with their event.  “I love sitting with brides/couples and pouring through paper and ribbon samples, putting together the perfect combination for that couple,” she said.  Working with brides who are not local to Vermont is also fun, although it may take a bit more time as swatches are sent back and forth to get the perfect combination.

Since your invitation can set the tone for your event it deserves a little attention.  According to Kate some couples don’t think about their invitation as really being an extension of their wedding because they are created so far in advance of the event.  She believes that invitation suites do not have to break the bank, but a quality invitation helps your guests get excited about the event you are planning.

Invitation suites often include additional enclosures informing guests of activities in the area, weekend events that may be associated with the wedding itself, directions, and accommodation & dining suggestions.  Kate finds couples sending out invitations as early as six or more months before their wedding, depending on how far their guests have to travel, whether it’s a holiday weekend, and the size of their reception venue.

As opposed to the very formal, black & white engraved invitations of the past, invitations are now very colorful and very unique.  Couples are not afraid to choose bold colors and make a statement with their invitations.  As a graphic designer Kate can assist with all of your invitation needs including menus, favor tags and signage (like the Candy Bar sign below)!

Visit Kate’s website to find out more about how That’s Inviting can help make your wedding more inviting!  Here are a few sample photos of her creations…I love the Wildflower Seed Packet favors in the bottom left hand picture (I did the flowers for that wedding so I may be biased, but I LOVE them!).

DIY Tips from Kate:  Be unique…Search for high quality/thick paper for your invitations. If you can’t print on the thick paper, print on a lighter sheet and layer them. Layers can add a pop of color, or simply frame your invitation.  Keep in mind that making your wedding invitations may seem fun at first, but be very realistic about your abilities and your time.

I’d like to thank Kate for sharing her advice!  Do you have any invitation questions or issues you need help with?


  • Diane Slocum

    March 3, 2010 at 9:59am ·

    Thanks so much for these tips! Our daughter is getting married this summer at a 1930’s theatre in PA and we are struggling to find the right invitation. I especially love the tip “the invitation sets the mood”! So true. We have decided to put our funds into the things that will last,dress, photographer, etc., so making our own invitations with these tips will help us accomplish that goal! I will forward this on to my daughter!

  • alison

    March 3, 2010 at 10:24am ·

    Congratulations, again, Diane! I am so glad this was helpful. I am sure you will have a beautiful wedding for your daughter-the first daughter’s wedding is like training!

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