How To Keep Your Flower Budget In Check

Everyone knows that the costs of planning your wedding add up quickly.  If flowers are a priority for your wedding, but you still want to keep things “in check” here are a few tips to help keep you on track:

1.  The biggest portion of your flower budget is usually dedicated to centerpieces.  If you have a large guest list you will likely require a larger floral budget.

2.  If you have 8 bridesmaids you will be spending more than twice the “average” for attendants’ bouquets.  Much like the guest list, a smaller bridal party will help keep costs down.

3.  Seasonal flowers may sound like code for “cheap & easily available”, but that’s not the case.  Seasonal flowers like peonies, lily of the valley and many others can be reasonably priced, but if they are well grown and in demand they will not be inexpensive.

4.  Details that add interest to your decor, but also add onto your budget like decorated tent poles, petals for the aisle and anything hanging from the ceiling may need to be cast aside.

5.  Be honest about your ideal flower budget. If you remain open to suggestions from your floral designer on how to maximize your budget you will likely get the best results.

The truth is you simply cannot have it all on a strict flower budget.

If you want beautiful flowers, but you don’t want to spend a lot the best option is to have a smaller wedding.  Once your guest list reaches 200 your ideas of “budget florals” are quite frankly out the window!

Here are a few areas where you may consider keeping things simple in order to make room for the florals you really want:

  • Skip the custom linens and stick with the white or ivory provided by your venue.
  • Opt out of the fancy ride to the wedding if no one will see you emerge from your vehicle.
  • Forget about the late-night menu (caterers often suggest that this is not necessary anyway).
  • And in general, don’t hire vendors that blow one piece of your desired budget out of the water leaving you to skimp in other areas.

A beautiful wedding is all about balance at the end of the day!

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