Easy DIY Fabric Christmas Wreath

I know a lot of people start their holiday decorating the day after Thanksgiving, but I like to wait until the calendar flips to December to get festive.  Today I’ve got a super easy DIY fabric Christmas wreath that you can make in very little time.  All you’ll need is a wreath frame, some fabric or ribbon and a pair of scissors.  I think this is the kind of holiday project Annie would do if Miss Hannigan would let her!

I used a 10″ wire wreath frame and I had some fabric samples from discontinued sofa swatches (yes, I cannot throw anything away!) which I cut into strips that were about 12″ long.  Then, I tied them around the frame and knotted them.  Soooo simple.  You can use holiday ribbon, old sheets, or any other fabric you have hanging around.  Since I already had the materials this cost me $0 to make.

These fabrics are kinda rag-tag so I just alternated them to create a pattern.

I started out thinking that the knotted side would be the “back”, but I ended up liking how both sides look!  This is the way I thought I’d display it…

…but I think I like this side better.

Which side do you like best?  How would you display it?

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